Outplacement #1:
I had never utilized a career or outplacement coaching service before and didn't know what to expect. I honestly thought I knew what I needed to know about getting back out on the job market, but decided to be open-minded and use Leslie and her team as I had nothing to lose. This was by far the best decision I could have made!

Leslie helped me take what I thought was a good resume, and make it into a much, much better product. She also helped me find new ways of marketing myself that I had never considered before. Every time I talked with Leslie or her team, I found great tidbits of advice that helped me in my searching efforts. I am very confident that they were a pivotal component of why I was able to land a wonderful new job in a relatively short time frame. Absolutely superb! I highly recommend this team!
— Kristin

Outplacement #2:
I actually was not going to use this service, I thought I didn't need it... I am so glad I made the call. Other than the great job I landed, this was the best thing that happened to me around my departure from my former employer. It has given me some life-long learning skills.
— John

Outplacement #3:
Leslie did a terrific job digging deep to get to know me and in so doing, helped me gain additional levels of self-awareness and insight into my strengths and weaknesses. Throughout my time working with Leslie her approach consistently reflected a focus on my individual needs, challenges and opportunities — it never felt like she was applying a "one size fits all" approach to how she worked with me. I know her support has been valuable in terms of helping me develop and pursue my future career management endeavors.
— C.H.

Outplacement #4:
I was at a career crossroad. I had been in my past career a long time, and I had a desire to do something different. Working with Leslie helped me think of all the avenues. I was hoping for some approaches on how I could analyze the decision I was going to make - to make the best decision. I certainly got that.

I trust Leslie because she is a great, balanced and objective resource. I felt comfortable talking with her. Her style is approachable. She asks good questions that really provoked my thinking.
— Kevin Fifield, President, Frozen Ropes

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