Working with Leslie our employees get a high quality, personalized and meaningful partnership. She is objective, realistic and supportive. As a client they feel like Leslie is right there with them. She cares about an individual's success.
—Marie McCarthy
VP of HR, L.L.Bean, Inc.

Leslie is a very skilled facilitator. She is very good at making sure everyone is heard, people really value that. Leslie is universally trusted by my management team, and that says a lot.
—Paul Saucier
Former Director - Institute of Public Service Innovation - Muskie Institute

Leslie is an exceptionally skilled facilitator, HR consultant and coach and she has played a significant role in helping me over the years in so many ways!
—Laurie Minott
VP HR, Martin's Point Health Care

Based on the circumstances, the reality of budgets, and need to deliver a quality product, Leslie always works with us to set up the right service for the right price.
—Janise Monaghan
Former Director, Corporate & Distribution Associate Relations, Hannaford Bros. Co.

Leslie is careful about the commitments she makes, and meets them every time. She has a lot of integrity as a consultant. Leslie's definitely flexible and customer focused, but she won't endorse an approach if she doesn't believe it will work.
—Paul Saucier
Former Director - Institute of Public Service Innovation - Muskie Institute

Leslie's track record speaks for itself. Many who have worked with Leslie on career transitions have made successful career moves within the organization. Others have successfully re-routed to external positions, all in a positive direction. Feedback from our associates is that all have felt her attention and expertise was instrumental in arriving at positive outcomes.
—Janise Monaghan
Director, Corporate & Distribution Associate Relations, Hannaford Bros. Co.

Easy Come, Easy Go employees was yesterday.
Attracting and retaining talented contributors is your future.

Is your organization ready?

The US birthrate continues to decline. By 2025, 1 in 5 workers will be over age 55. The slowing of the workforce translates to an estimated shortfall of 20 million workers over the next 20 years.*
*K. Tyler (2002). Neckties to noserings: Earning the trust of a multigenerational workforce. From:

CWD HR Workplace Strategies and Services Can Help You.
My approach will give your leaders and employees' insight into what is essential for them to be satisfied and successful in their workplace and will teach them skills that will be beneficial throughout the many changes and transitions in their work and organizational life.


Employees will need and demand ongoing opportunities for growth, building competence, continual challenge and support with change.

Employee Development: individualized coaching and use of an on- line employee development tool as well as customized development and change workshops can provide your employees with the support they need to continually contribute.
Workplace Coaching: customized to assist you or your employees in the development of strategies to bring challenging workplace situations to successful resolution.
Motivating People: to do their best work. MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) workshops and individual coaching for organizational team building, conflict resolution, communication and coaching.


This impending change will require a paradigm shift at all levels in organizations as motivating, challenging and coaching employees take prominence in retaining the best.

Leadership Development: an on-line 360 feedback, coaching and goal setting tool, personalized coaching to maximize leaders' effectiveness within their organizational culture, and customized workshops to build leadership skills.
Performance Management: effective performance management processes/tools are critical to defining expectations and holding people accountable for their performance. Work can include design and implementation of tools and programs, an on-line assessment, developmental goal setting, and competency model development.
Organizational/Team Effectiveness: consulting and work session design and facilitation on topics such as — Culture Assessment, Change Management, Employee Engagement and High Performance Cultures, Strategic Planning, Organizational Design, Process Improvement and Talent Assessment and workshops such as Managing through Organizational Transitions and Generational Diversity.


Refreshing your workforce requires having engaged people in the right positions at the right time. Studies indicate that only 30% of American workers are enthusiastic about their jobs.

Outplacement: Individual and group outplacement services are supportive and effective in assisting employees' transition to new employment. Several packages are available and can include professional financial and entrepreneurial/small business advising. Services can always be customized to meet your needs. Consulting on respectful, effective, downsizing approaches and implementation is also provided.
Recruitment: Compelling job announcements, job posting placement strategies, recruitment process design, on-line candidate assessments, selection tools and interviewing training help you attract and select the best people for your positions.
Career Coaching: Individual career coaching and career workshops develop employees' understanding of what they enjoy and do best while demonstrating your commitment to their ongoing career growth. Packages are designed to meet your organization's needs.

Position your organization for success!
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